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James Barker blog, inspiration journal, latest events.

Natural History X Etsy: Colour and Vision Exhibition

James Barker


After the success of the Alice in Wonderland collaboration with the British Library we were asked by Etsy if we would be interested in creating a bespoke range for the Natural History Museum. If our ranges are anything to go by then there was no way we could refuse! We were asked along with jewellery designer Mica Peet and illustrator Sandra Dieckmann to create an exclusive range inspired by the then upcoming exhibition Colour and Vision. 

The exhibition looks at how the entwined histories of colour and vision have filled the natural world with the vibrant hues and shades we see today. Uncovering over a 565 million year journey how vision first evolved and how colour in animals suddenly became the difference between life and death. 


We wanted to keep in line with the exhibition and focus more on the colours and variations found in nature rather than on specific animals themselves, which we felt would be too distracting from the theme. With this in mind we chose feathers and coral as our points of interest to highlight the amazing colours found in nature. 


Items from the exhibitions including our products are currently available exclusively at the Natural History Museum and their online shop.

The exhibition is due to be on display until November.